Responsive Website Design vs Mobile Design

Is Responsive Website Design Better Than Mobile Design?

The creation of mobile-friendly versions of business websites is now becoming imperative to companies that want to keep up with the mobile commerce trend. An increasing number of users access the Internet on their mobile devices while on the go. To ensure that these users remain engaged with a product, the best user experience possible on mobile devices should be provided.

Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

Having an Internet presence is essential for every business in this day and age. When developing a website, falling prey to a variety of mistakes is quite common and natural, even for high level web developers.

However, while it is possible to correct errors and undo false steps, there are certain website development mistakes that should be avoided because of the considerable grief they can cause.

Top 5 Open Source CMS Systems

5 Top Content Management Systems Built on Open Source

Today, the Internet is more a necessity rather than a novelty like it used to be before the 90s. Being completely isolated from the online is nearly impossible these days.

The online landscape is littered with personalized blogs, forums and websites, which is a perfect example of the fact that Internet users are now in the majority.

Open Source eCommerce Websites

5 Reasons to Go Open Source for your eCommerce Website

In the past, Windows has been traditionally used as the Operating System to host many eCommerce websites. Even the Access or SQL server, which is the “backend” in which information on customers and the vital company data is contained, has been hosted on Windows.

However, it has been noted that Windows as the Operating System for eCommerce websites has proven to be vulnerable to large scale attacks and serious threats. Fortunately, there is another alternative that is more secure, and that is to go open source.